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by Las Vegas, Nevada. on The Chapel of Eternal Love
Calling All Romantics!

The Chapel of Eternal Love:Simply charming! A quick read -- only about 175 pages. A "day in the life" of a Wedding Chapel Administrator. The people she meets and helps. I was delighted that Mr. Murray wrote a sequel! I found myself caring about the characters! I highly recommend for any romantic!Return To The Chapel of Eternal Love:This is the sequel to The Chapel of Eternal Love. I am so happy that Mr. Murray wrote the sequel! I found myself caring about the characters in the first book! This was a quick read for me! Being the incurable romantic that I am, I was delighted. Hey Mr. Murray -- any chance there will be a 3-quel?

by San Diego, California on The Chapel of Eternal Love
The Chapel of Eternal Love

The Chapel of Eternal Love: Wedding Stories from Las Vegas is an exquisitely written collection of unique tales, each one engaging and inspiring in its own way. This book restores hope of the possibility of finding true love to even the greatest of cynics...

The Chapel of Eternal Love

Stephen Murray has me hooked on several characters in the first book. I love how Stephen was able to keep my attention throughout the book ( which is very difficult for me ). I totally loved this book and cannot wait to start my second of the series.I am so looking forward to having Mr. Murray on my show May 18, 2017 at 2:00 PM EST.

by Las Vegas, Nevada on The Chapel of Eternal Love

Mr. Murray creates a stream of love stories centered around the fictional Chapel of Eternal Love. With each story we embark on a journey that takes the reader through the events, loves and sometimes loss that has them all arriving to celebrate their love. As I soaked up each story, I couldn't help but feel that somehow they were true. For all the lives that pass through the chapels in Las Vegas, these characters, or a form of them, must have been there at one time or another. Superb!

by Las Vegas, Nevada on The Chapel of Eternal Love
Wanting Yet More ... Another Five Year Return to Chapel of Eternal Love ?

So fun taking an afternoon to read and catch up with all the marriage couples from the Chapel of Eternal Love. And Buster, don't forget Buster! Stephen artfully brings together romance and real life. Ummm, wonder what five more years will bring? Think I will ask him. S t e p h e n?

by Las Vegas, NV on The Chapel of Eternal Love
Easy, enjoyable reading that will make you smile.

Fun group of stories about couples who married at a make believe Chapel in Las Vegas. I know the chapel is not real because I unsuccessfully searched for it on the internet & I asked the author.
I had the great pleasure of meeting the author, Mr Stephen Murray, at a Las Vegas local authors event and I purchased two of his books.
The Chapel of Eternal Love is well written, intelligent, & fun. Once I started reading it I could not put it down. I read the entire book in one day. It is easy, enjoyable reading that will make you smile. I highly recommend it.

by Burbank, California on The Chapel of Eternal Love

What a beautiful book! I read late at night and it took me away from my own troubles and heartaches. The people were so real to me I felt like I could go to Vegas and visit them! (It's rare that that happens. I can only think of a few other characters I've met in fiction who live and breathe for me like Rosemary and her friends. Only Holden Caulfield in "Catcher in the Rye" and Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch come to mind. And that's after over 60 years of reading!) Your stories touched me so deeply - I laughed, cried, couldn't put it down. Thank you so much for writing it.

I'd Give It Six Stars

I have fallen in love with Stephen Murray’s book, The Chapel of Eternal Love. This amazing little book is filled with fascinating love stories of couples. They range from a couple of Harley riders who unexpectedly fall in love to a lady of the night to two sets of twins to a couple from vastly different religious backgrounds. Rosemary, who runs the chapel, is interwoven throughout each of the stories. Furthermore, Buster, Rosemary’s sweet little dachshund, is always at the chapel. He has a nose for simply knowing whether or not a couple is going to make it or not. There is even a hint at romance for Rosemary. With so many stories, you just have to keep turning pages – you want to know who will show up at the chapel next.

Extremely well written, The Chapel of Eternal Love is really, really good from page one. I am blown away and very impressed by how easily Stephen Murray gets you to understand the characters almost instantly. With each couple’s story only lasting for that chapter, I was shocked at how much information and depth Murray was able to give to each character and Buster. Love, love, love Buster – what a fun piece to add to the overall ambiance of the chapel. Ultimately, The Chapel of Eternal Love is like a peek into a day-in-the-life of Rosemary and her little dachshund, Buster. Yet, Murray has a way with words and style of writing that opens your heart to each character and their love stories. He makes it easy to fall in love with not only the chapel and Buster, but with each and every person chapter after chapter. I can hardly wait to read the sequel, Return to The Chapel of Eternal Love. If I could give The Chapel of Eternal Love six stars, I would!

Reviewed by Liz Cooper of

by Janelle Alex on The Chapel of Eternal Love
Couldn't Put It Down

Stephen Murray has written another heart-warmingly, gentle romance that is like nothing else out there. Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love is the sequel to Murray’s 5 star rated, The Chapel of Eternal Love. Having read the first book of unique fictional wedding stories, I was very excited to read the sequel. There are numerous couples and individuals whose stories range from a former owner of an escort service to a family in witness protection to a congresswoman and her husband. Of course, Buster, the intuitive little dachshund from the first book, is back and his story continues as well. Just as in The Chapel of Eternal Love, there are joys and sorrows, laughter and tears. Murray elegantly takes readers on a journey of discovery right along side the characters. In Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love, the characters take a quick, yet powerful, trip down memory lane when the current pastor, Father Mark Roads, contacts them out of the blue. There’s a compelling reason that calls them to return to the chapel.

Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love is so unique and beautiful that I couldn’t put it down. Before I knew it, I’d stayed up and read the entire book. Stephen Murray is very talented when it comes to getting readers to truly feel the characters in the space of individual chapters. Even with so many characters involved throughout The Chapel of Eternal Love and Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love, they are all well developed. That in of itself is almost impossible to do in such a short time span, but Murray just has a knack for expressing them so clearly. Can you pick up Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love and read it as a stand alone? Sure, but I highly recommend you read the first as well because they are both so truly enjoyable. Stephen Murray has hit a home run with these two. The Chapel of Eternal Love and Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love are sweet, romantic, charming and downright classy. Well done!

Originally Reviewed by Janelle Alex of

by Perth, Australia on The Chapel of Eternal Love
A lovely read

A wonderful, simple series of stories. Full of human emotion and easy to identify with.

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