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No words can describe the heartwarming stories in Stephen Murray’s book. While each of the wedding stories took place on one particular day, the care given to the development of each character is usually reserved for a full-length novel about one particular couple.

Murray has a wonderful talent of drawing his reader into the lives of each character and each separate story, and I found myself really caring about these people. Rosemary is the glue that holds this book together. With the help of her little dog Buster, each couple who visits the chapel is struck by Rosemary’s caring nature. The two of them made that little wedding chapel unforgettable. Kudos to Murray for writing a book that will withstand the test of time and will become one many readers will go to again and again whenever they need a feel-good read.”

Linda Thompson
The Host of The Authors Show

Elegantly written, The Chapel of Eternal Love offers readers the chance to embrace a vast expanse of love and loss from a bird’s eye view. Hands down, Stephen Murray has created a series of beautiful love stories that flow gently from one to the other. On top of that, there is an interesting perspective that has, perhaps, a metaphysical feel as Buster, the chapel owner’s little dog, always seems to know which couples will have a harmonious love and which ones may not. Buster adds an extra fun little piece to the stories within the story. Stephen Murray’s The Chapel of Eternal Love is riveting in a way that will have your heartbeat swaying as gently as flower petals in a warm summer breeze. It is a must-have for your romance library!”

Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D.
Co-Host Authors Talk About It Podcast

Stephen Murray’s The Chapel of Eternal Love is a well-crafted character-driven collection of stories exploring how couples fall in love and why they decide to marry. Many of the stories have a light and humorous side. However, others strike a tender, heartbreaking chord. The subtle transitions from one love story to another allow for connections to exist among some of the characters. The stories also make clever use of irony in how the characters meet and how the dalliances of their romances play out. The most impressive aspect of this collection is the care in which Murray charts the many ups and downs of the couples on the road to finding their match. His fine writing demonstrates a literary flair and frequent sparks of brilliance.

Each story circles back around to touch on the chapel’s mainstay, Rosemary, and her little dachshund, Buster. Her kind spirit brings an added sense of humanity to each story. Overall, the book makes the eternal belief in love ring true.”

Roger DeBlanck
Clark County Library District Nevada

“What a great idea and I’m amazed this hasn’t been done to death! The Chapel of Eternal Love tells the story of a Las Vegas wedding chapel and some of the crazy ceremonies that go on there. This is obviously rich territory for seeing some unusual people doing something positive, if in some unexpectedly quirky way. The book itself is very nicely put together with a terrific cover that speaks to the subject matter and audience. The tone of the book is charmingly light and funny and the sense of humor is spot on. The Chapel of Eternal Love is a terrific book with a potentially wide appeal.

Judge Category: Genre Fiction
22nd Annual Writer’s Digest
Self-Published Book Awards

“This is a wonderful collection of stories inspired by the wedding chapels of Las Vegas. The author makes his home in Las Vegas and manages to make Sin City sound like a very romantic place. The wedding stories in this unique collection range from funny and heartwarming to heart-wrenching and poignant. The writing is engaging and entertaining. The author is quite good at pulling at the reader’s heartstrings, which is what this category is all about. His characters are well-drawn and sympathetic, and the dialogue rings true.”

Judge Category: Mainstream/Literary Fiction
22nd Annual Writer’s Digest
Self-Published Book Awards

Wonderful Stories – of Eternal Love

“A wonderful, heartfelt collection of love stories. I particularly liked the character details and the fast-paced romance, as the stories moved from one wedding to another. I have never thought much about the small wedding chapels located in and around Las Vegas; now after finishing this truly romantic book…I can’t help but smile to myself each time I pass a small chapel…thinking about “The Chapel of Eternal Love.” – All I ask now is for more.

Kim Henry
Owner, Booksorbooks Bookstore
Las Vegas, Nevada

In The Chapel of Eternal Love, we are invited to witness a number of marriages and discover a little of each couple’s background and what preceded each of their decisions to come to the chapel. Their stories are tender, touching, fun, romantic and sometimes sad. All of the couples are welcomed by Rosemary and Buster. Some are obvious in their love and devotion, some leave Rosemary wondering if they stand a chance; all are given her devoted attention and assistance.

The Chapel of Eternal Love: Wedding Stories From Las Vegas is a charming and tender collection of experiences of people from all faiths, economic status and walks of life – all seeking the same joy and happiness. The end of the book has some very tender and touching moments that will tug at your heartstrings. Stephen Murray delivers a well written, endearing story of not one love, but multiple stories of romance and love. Stephen Murray details the journey of each couple with clarity, emotion, and realism. Each couple is different and their stories are varied. This is an unusual, but a compelling variety of people and situations that have been expertly woven into one delightful story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading Stephen Murray’s sequel, Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love.”

Deborah Stone
Readers Favorites 5 Star

I have fallen in love with The Chapel of Eternal Love. This amazing little book is filled with fascinating love stories of couples. They range from a couple of Harley riders who unexpectedly fall in love to a lady of the night to two sets of twins to a couple from vastly different religious backgrounds. Rosemary, who runs the chapel, is interwoven throughout each of the stories. Furthermore, Buster, Rosemary’s sweet little dachshund, is always at the chapel. With so many stories, you just have to keep turning pages.”

“Extremely well written, The Chapel of Eternal Love is really, really good from page one. I’m blown away & very impressed by how easily Stephen Murray gets you to understand the characters almost instantly. Love, love, love Buster – what a fun piece to add to the overall ambiance of the chapel. Ultimately, The Chapel of Eternal Love is like a peek into a day-in-the-life of Rosemary & her little dachshund, Buster. Murray has a way with words & style of writing that opens your heart to each character & their love stories. He makes it easy to fall in love with not only the chapel & Buster, but with each & every character. I can hardly wait to read the sequel, Return to The Chapel of Eternal Love. If I could give The Chapel of Eternal Love six stars, I would!”

Liz Cooper
Authors Talk About It – Book Award Contest

Stephen’s short love stories are touching and are wonderful examples of what the world truly can offer in the way of relationships.
The characters he has created bring a sense of emotional warmth to your heart…in most cases. One would think that Las Vegas marriages are carried out in drunken stupors. Not so. Some of the people you will meet in his books are true soul mates.

Dr. Lesley Phillips
Host, ‘Unlocking Your Truth’ Radio Program


This amazing sequel is as memorable as the original. Once again, In Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love is full of emotion and joy as well as some heartache. There are some surprises as we revisit these couples and see where their lives have taken them five years after their wedding day.

Stephen Murray has provided us with another tender and moving tale that will require tissues before it is over. This well written and well-conceived story is moving, tender, and heartbreaking while being a pleasure to read. Stephen Murray has a way of holding your attention while taking you into his story and making you glad you came. I thoroughly enjoyed finding out what happened to the couples we met in the first book, and witnessing the end of an era and the beginning of a new one for the wedding chapel. Stephen Murray’s sequel brings everything full circle and has a lot of impact. This book will stand alone, but if you want the full impact, I recommend reading the first book before this one. After reading Stephen Murray’s first book, The Chapel of Eternal Love: Marriage Stories from Las Vegas, I was anxious to read this sequel and I was not disappointed for one second.”

Deborah Stone
Reader’s Favorite 5 Star

…another heart-warmingly, gentle romance that is like nothing else out there. Having read the first book of unique fictional wedding stories, I was very excited to read the sequel. Just as in The Chapel of Eternal Love, there are joys and sorrows, laughter and tears. Murray elegantly takes readers on a journey of discovery right alongside the characters. In Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love, the characters take a quick, yet powerful, trip down memory lane when the current pastor, Father Mark Roads, contacts them out of the blue. There’s a compelling reason that calls them to return to the chapel.

Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love is so unique and beautiful that I couldn’t put it down. Before I knew it, I’d stayed up and read the entire book. The Chapel of Eternal Love and Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love are sweet, romantic, charming and downright classy. Well done!”

Janelle Alex
Book Award Contest

Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love: Marriage Stories from Las Vegas presents with a cute, genre-appropriate cover image. It does a great job of setting the tone for the story. Nice job.

I have to say that I loved the premise for this book from the first second I read it. What a cute idea! I don’t know if anyone has thought of this before, but if they have, I haven’t read it. Unique. Smart. Clever. Pure fun. Those are just some of the words I’d use to describe this plot.

Great story appeal and a nice little escape for any reader who needs just this very thing to entertain and brighten their day. I really enjoyed this book from cover to cover. A sweet little journey down memory lane.

The length is very short and I rarely tell an author to lengthen their book, but I wanted more. This is a good thing—the fact that I wanted more. Please keep up this series and consider making the books a little more fleshed out.” No major issues here. Just a solid entry from cover to cover. I hope to read more from this author. Best of luck with this project!”

Judge’s Commentary
24th Annual
Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

“This amazing sequel is as memorable as the original. Once again, I fell in love with the characters, and thoroughly enjoyed learning what happened to them over a period of four years after their visit to The Chapel of Eternal Love. And once again, the story revolves around Rosemary and Buster as their retirement draws near. It is a warm, wonderful study of many different personalities that just seem to fit together, such is the artful writing of Mr. Murray. This sequel, along with the first book, will be my “go to” gifts to my bookworm friends this year.”

Linda Thompson
Host of

“A fitting finale to its prequel, Return to The Chapel of Eternal Love, pulls readers into a whirlwind of relationships filled with everything from sheer marital bliss to familial turmoil. A perfect blend of romance and reality, it truly redefines, “happily ever after.

Luanna Helena
Host, Creatively Speaking Radio Show

“In his debut, The Chapel of Eternal Love, Murray delivered a touching collection of interwoven stories. Now in his follow-up, aptly titled Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love, he takes us back to the memorable little church in Las Vegas to let us see what has happened to all the couples that married there five years earlier. In this sequel, each of the heartfelt stories reveals how fate has handled the lives of a diverse cast of characters. Murray connects many of them and plots out a clever reunion centering on the mainstay of both books, the inimitable Rosemary, the chapel’s aging administrator, and her companion dog, Buster. Murray has a talent for developing characters and for creating a mood of warmth and tenderness. This is an enjoyable book that can stand alone without having read the first book in the series. Murray’s prose is clean, fluid, and full of verve. He has created a fascinating array of personalities, and it is exciting to see how their lives play out in this second book, Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love.”

Roger DeBlanck
Clark County Library District – Nevada