Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love

Five years have passed since we spent a day with Rosemary, manager of The Chapel of Eternal Love in the heart of Las Vegas. Is the wedding chapel still the love of her life? Does Buster, her faithful dachshund, still have his nose for matrimony? And, in the interim, what has happened to all the couples who ventured into the chapel that day? On which path did Mattie and Garth’s Harley- Davidsons take them after they rode off that morning? Did the anti-war activist bride find peace with her Iraqi veteran husband? Was the spouse in the May-December marriageable to put his gigolo past behind him? Could the mixed-faith couple convince their families of their true love for each other? Did the two lost souls find real happiness at last? Discover the journeys of these and all the other couples, and learn the compelling reason beckoning them all to Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love.



Rosemary and Buster have won the hearts of reviewers and readers again. Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love was awarded five stars in 2016 by Authors Talk About It. This award was also given to The Chapel of Eternal Love.

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